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Swedish Barn Quilt Trail

When I was teaching at Bear Patch Quilt Company in White Bear Lake, MN, this August, I came across a Swedish Barn Quilt Trail when sightseeing with my sister. This trail is located on Highway 8  and goes through the cities of Chisago City, Lindstrom, Center City and Shafer. How fun it was to see all of these beautiful quilt blocks decorating buildings. A barn quilt is a quilt block pattern that is painted on a large wood square and hung on a barn, or on the front of a business. They are designed to last 6-8 years by using several coats of paint and then applying a clear coat.  The first barn quilt trails were created in 2001 in Ohio.  Scroll down to see the photo of the patriotic home that has tons of antique auto memorabilia surrounding it.

Whirling Star
Tulips in the Corner
Patriotic house in Lindstrom with lots of antique auto memorabilia.
Swedish Rubics Cube
Dr. Pete’s Patchwork Pets
Swedish Summer Night with Dala Horse in center
Star of Bethlehem
Table for Four
Cross and Darts
Tulips in Town
Swing in the Center
Star Burst
There’s no place like Dome